Accounting is a backbone for every entrepreneur to make economic decisions for their businesses. It helps in identifying and rectify risks and gaps on financial health of an organization to achieve long-term business objectives.

It is the process of timely recording and following up all financial transactions in the company which helps to determine the financial position and financial performance such as profit/ loss of the company.

In HLB CA Group we have professional accountants who can understand the company’s financial situation, by recording and following up all the financial transactions, and our accountants help you analyze and summarize financial operations and prepare financial reports, which helps companies to make appropriate economic decisions.

Moreover, the company can have added advantages by acquiring our professional services of reduced costs in hiring a dedicated staff by relying on our professional accountants.

Our accountant’s team is fully aware of all accounting programs that suit the institutions, which helps the clients to know the financial and economic situation of their companies.

Accounting services:

  1. IFRS System
  2. Bookkeeping
  3. Financial advice
  4. Monthly Reconciliation
  5. Cash flow
  6. Preparing financial statements
  7. Financial budget